Top-5 Tips For Installing A Home Theater Projector Installation Guide


People spend so much time on looking for the best projector and screen spending thousands of dollars on it when it comes to home theater set-up. Buying expensive equipment and not installing it correctly is the same as not valuing the quality of the viewing you would like to experience. Do not be anxious about the material and take for granted spending time on ensuring your installation is safe when it comes to wiring and that other equipment like speakers are well positioned and more. Here are tips on how to install a state-of-the-art home theater.


1. Correct And Safe Wiring

Each equipment in the home theater has to be connected using appropriate cables and wires. Quality of cables and wires greatly impact the whole experience of watching movies. When the wires are not connected properly may affect the listening experience and others. When the wires and cables are not properly insulated and passed under the recliners may cause a safety concern. It is important for safety measures to ensure that all the wires are safely are hidden inside a wall, under floors and also in the ceiling. Not only are they for safety measures but also to keep the room neat.

2. Sound Arrangement

Can you imagine watching a movie without sound at all? How would the movie experience be? Well, we all know how important the sound while watching a movie is what makes the movie exciting and worth-while. Placing the five or more speakers that we may use at our home theater is very important as it enhances our viewing experience.

Positioning of the speakers if very essential as you want to own and feel the words that the actors are saying. Flowing with the movie could be very exciting as it makes you part of it. You may not be able to start setting up again after installing if it contains too much cabling when involved a professional. You should test the speakers well before relaxing after setting everything up in the theater. You should be able to know which of your center speakers sound better than the other. You can be able to boost the audio of the center channel to the level of the speakers on either side of the home theater(right and left speakers). Setting the rear speakers ahead of you could be very irritating to your hear. So, it is recommended to have them placed slightly behind you to have better hearing. When the speakers are not arranged properly, they make the sound not equal and relative to each other throughout. It is important also to note that, placing a speaker in a loose cabinet or near the wall could not be, please. With the speaker near the wall or at a loose cabinet, it produces vibrations that could interrupt the rest of the home. So it is advisable to make sure you arrange the speakers correctly.

3. Screen Position

Choosing the where to position the screen could be difficult at some point, but, knowing it would make it easier and fun too. Well, you can only place the screen on one side of the wall in the room, you should be sure that the screen does not face the source of light directly. Screen facing the source of light could make the whole experience of watching hectic since you will be straining t watch what is being displayed. When the screen faces the window, be sure to purchase blinding curtains to restrict direct light to the viewing area. Too much light distort the quality of the images projected making your viewing terrible. The height of the screen either low or high also matters a lot especially if you have rows of seats and also if you intend to have some of the speakers below the screen in case of a small room. If you have multiple seats, then the screen should be placed high to enable everyone to see clearly. A 3D movie could be tricky to watch when you keep on changing sitting position as the images changes according to the position, therefore, it requires you to sit still on that couch.

4. Creating A Hub

A centralized connection point is essential for the A/V gear. The hub should be able to accept connections from other equipment in the home theater set up. You may have decided to go with all in one A/V receiver where the A/V controller, power amplifier and radio tuner are all one. Here would be easier for you since you do not have to set the A/V to be the controller. The hub should be able to connect the audio and the video. With the centralized connection system hidden well in the cabinet, it becomes easier for you switch on and off the home theater system. With a cabinet, you avoid hanging cables and make the room neat and no tripping when moving around. With a centralized position in the home theater, it is essential to know that it helps maintain order in controlling of all types of equipment in the home theater system

5. Projector Position

Where you intend to place the projector matters a lot as it affects the viewing. The position of the projector may affect the quality of the images projected. It is recommended to place the projector at the ceiling, this way no one can interfere with the beam. You have to know the best set up pattern for the projector; if do not know the pattern of setting up the projector then, you can download at the internet or the manual that comes with the projector. To achieve an incredible viewing, you have to make sure the lens and the center of the screen are lined up. This means that the screen should be filled by the projected image form all edges. You should make sure the projector position does not face a source of light directly as this may distort the images. Knowing the Throw distance of the projector will guide you on where to mount your projector.

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