Epson 2040 vs 2045: In Depth Comparison Epson Home Cinema Projector 2019


Sometimes we find it difficult to choose between projector especially when the specification and performance are almost the same. The Epson 2040 and 2045 projectors are one of the projectors with great performance and specifications that you may find it difficult to choose from the two. In order to understand what the Epson 2040 and 2045 projector comes with and how it works, it’s good to know each of them well.

The Epson 2045 and Epson 2040 projectors have almost everything in common, and the only difference is the price for the purchase of the projectors. Here we are going to focus on Epson 2045 and Epson 2040 projectors, and run down all the information you want to know about them. Let’s get started on

Epson 2040 vs 2045

Epson 2040 vs 2045

 Epson 2040 vs 2045 


Display Quality

The quality of the Epson home cinema projector 2040 and 2045 is quite impressive as they are almost the same in terms of everything the difference is just small and you may not even notice it at any moment. The Epson 2045 projector has been designed to be one of the best home cinema projector giving the best in terms of images and functionality. The Epson 2045 has the capability to deliver Full HD content with a resolution of 1080 pixels.

Apart from the content displayed being the best and remarkable, the Epson 2045 projector is capable of working with other devices. The projector offers the best brightness of more than 3 times the color brightness from other models that are in the market for the same purpose. The images displayed on the screen is that vibrant something everyone would love to have a look at for a long time. The contrast ratio of the projector is 35,000:1 that brings out the best levels of both black and white images on the screen in details.

The brightness of the Epson 2040 projector is excellent that it works in all environments without distortion of the images displayed. The texture of the content on the screen is great that makes the home entertainment. The quality of the images is excellent that the movies and games are great watching with enjoyment. The images of the Epson 2045 projector are incredible as the projector comes with advanced image processing features. Everything about the images and the quality of the projected content on the Epson 2045 projector is impressive.

Epson 2040 projector on the hander is pretty the same as the Eps0on 2045 projector in terms of the display quality. The Epson 2040 projector has an excellent visual quality that brings the cinematic experience home. The projector comes with great visuals that deliver full HD contents that are truly cinematic. The projector has an advanced image processing feature that makes it incredibly great for family viewing in the comfort of their homes. The resolution of the Epson 2040 projector is incredible as it has 1080 pixels great for real images.

The Epson 2040 just like the Epson 2045 projector brings out a brightness that is 3x higher color brightness compared with other models that are their competitors in the market. The images produced from the projector are clear and vibrant. With a brightness of 2200 lumens, you are able to watch and use the projector even in a room with ambient light without distortion.

This is because the projector is able to bring out the best of the black and white level in details showing all the images clearly and accurate. The movies and games shoe accurately and precisely. The contrast of the projector is impressive as the images are just superb since the Epson 2040 brings out the best of the color brightness and details of the images displayed on the screen.

 Epson 2040 projector Pros

  • The price for the projector is affordable
  • The wireless feature is incredible
  • The projector is compatible with many devices
  • The images on the projector are accurate and vibrant

 Epson 2040 projector Cons

  • The sound system built in is a bit weak
  • The black level of both projectors could be better

Epson 2045 Projector Pros

  • The projector is easy to carry because of its lightweight
  • CFI feature is great for the smooth motion for the sports people
  • It comes with an inbuilt speaker that provides a great sound level
  • The replacement lamps are affordable and cheap
  • Miracast and WiDi feature for working with other devices only in Epson 2045 projector

Epson 2045 Projector Cons

  • The noise level could be a bit quite o a full mode
  • The remote would b better with backlit

Epson 2040 Sample Video


The two projectors the Epson 2045 and Epson 2040 have features that make the experience with them even tremendous and worth buying one of them. The Epson 2045 projector has been designed with many amazing features like brightness, contrast ratio, keystone correction and more. The brightness of the Epson 2045 projector remarkable and can work in all environments depending on what you want to do with the projector.

The projector has keystone correction that helps you to adjust the images to fit the shape you wish to like square or rectangular. The color brightness of the projector is 3x higher than the color. The lamp life of the projector s something to be excited about as it can last up to 7,500 hours.

The image accuracy of the projector is amazing as the Epson 2045 comes with an advanced image processing making it even better for the viewing of the vibrant and exceptional images. The projector 2045 has great connectivity with HDMI, and video and audio system that gives s best sound system that you may not consider getting the external sound system.

The features of the Epson 2040 projector also is excellent as it comes with the great brightness of 2200 lumens good enough for working on the classroom, homes and even at the office.  With the color brightness being 3 x more than most of the competitive models in the market, the Epson 2040 is just amazing.

The 3LCD technology that makes the projector to be great without the rainbow effect and also have a very reliance performance. The content displayed on the screen are of Full HD offering an actual life experience with a resolution of 1080 pixels. The projector also comes with a 3D performance. The content of the movie and games in the screen is accurate and can be shown virtually at 300 inches in ay wall or screen. The Epson 2040 projector also has a zoom ratio of 1.0 and 1.2 and a focal length of 16.9 mm.

Epson 2045 Sample Video


The Epson 2040 and 2045 projectors come with HDMI ports and composite and audio stereo, USB type A and VGA. The Epson 2045 projector also comes with a wireless projection of items from smartphones, a computer that has an Android operating system, tablet through Miracast.  It is possible also to mirror objects through WIDI especially for Intel smartphones and other devices that enable people to share content at any time while using the projector.

Wireless connectivity makes it possible to watch while controlling with your phone or any other devices as long as the device has Android operating system.

The Epson 2040 and Epson 2045 projectors come with so many connectivities features like 2 HDMI ports for games and movies, MHL, a built-in speaker, USB port and many other great features that have been designed with. Apart from these features, you are able to connect your games via the USB and HDMI ports and play.

2D and 3D Full HD 1080p Line-up

With the Epson home cinema full HD 2045 projector you can enjoy the 3D content in the comfort of your home with types of equipment that are compatible with the 3D. The Epson 2045 projector provides a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for both the 3D and 2D content. The brightness of 2200 lumens helps to make sure the images are bright while the contrast ratio of 35,000:1 helps in showing the dark area of the images displayed on the screen. With this, the 2D and 3D content show perfect images that are accurate.

The bright 3d drive digital technology helps in doubling the image refresh rate from 240 Hz to 480Hz in order to provide brightness while watching 3D content. The design of the 2D and 3D content is to make you enjoy the viewing and entertainment.

The Final word

The Epson 2040 and Epson 2045 are excellent home theatre projectors with great features and at a lower price range. These projectors have a variety of incredible features like Keystone correction, great brightness, color accuracy, use 3 LCD technology, mirroring capability in Epson 2045 projector, portability, ports and many other great features.

These projectors can e connected to an external sound system and give the best audio capability. The Epson 2040 and 2045 projectors are easy to set up and use. What makes it even suitable for home cinema is the compatibility with other devices like laptops, phones and even more devices.

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